The fourth Guardian interaction program held on 10/16/2074 on Tuesday jointly supported by a mass of Guardians/Parents . The theme of this interaction program was modified methods for quality education . During the period following points came into discussion.

  1. Need and importance of Guardians’ /Parents’ participation in academic as well as extracurricular programmes of the school.
  2. Need of positive attitude towards the fee clearance of their progeny.
  3. Attention of guardians/parents towards the progeny’s overall activities.
  4. Responsibilities of guardians/parents .

Finally the meeting concluded with the following suggestions of the guardians to the school and vice versa.

  1. Written document of guardians/parents for taking the child home in emergency during the school hours.
  2. Guardians’ / parents’ responsibility for escorting their progeny before after school time.
  3. Need of minimizing communication gap between school and guarding.
  4. Both guardians /parents and school need to work hand in hand for the smooth ans effective running.

So this programme gave a positive energy to the school showing the active participation of about 150  guardians/parents creating enthusiasm in teachers,staff and the administration as well as whole to work more and more effectively to make this school the Best.