Green Peace Secondary School called up a small gathering on 2075-02-11 to form

Green Peace School ECO club . The students of class 4,5 ,6 ,7  actively

participated in the gathering . The gathering Democratically formed

an ECO committee of 19 members under the leadership of the teachers Subash Bhusal , Manisha G.m .  School Principal Maya Kumari Oli motivate the eco – club members . 

   Gps Eco-club mainly focuses on the involvement of school children in the long term conservation of nature and its aims to create green consciousness amont them. The students ranging from 10-14 years class 4 to 8 will be the members of the club. Gps Eco -club is going to conduct different kinds of environmental programmes.

The students and teacher have a wonderful oppertunity to create awareness , buid attiudes and help eachother to take up activities.