Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya !

                    Green Peace School established in clean, green modern city of Kohalpur is now on its way ahead thriving and becoming a piece, replete with scholastic royal jelly to be served to the up-coming generation with the aims and objectives of generating mindful manpower, physically fit, socially sound and emotionally enthusiast to build ‘New Nepal’ really anew. We are here to inculcate in them the ethics, morality, inclusive nationalism, progressive patriotism, global fraternity and the concept of world citizenship along with an awakening endeavor that awareS them about awfully worsening environment and disastrously day by day deteriorating climatic conditions throughout the world. We emphasize on instilling the skills and abilities that make them adept to seek adaptable measures to survive in the challengingly changed environment and learn to adopt or develop the habit of conserving and promoting the existing environment and Eco-system. The phrase ‘green peace’ prefixed to school well interprets the cause and concept of its inception.

          Before or during the restoration of democracy, only a few privately run schools- now they are called institutional schools-were in existence in Kathmandu like big cities giving service to only a handful, elites, ‘A’ class bureaucrats and monopolist businessmen. Running private schools in those days used to be taken as tycoons’ luxurious job. To get their children enrolled in such schools was beyond the common guardians’ reach.

       On later days of the restoration of democracy a chunk of population was having a feeling that the government run schools were not properly but poorly performing. The school activities performed by government schools seemed not sufficient to quench the thirst of education as people thought they were not running in consonance with the time and terrain. An alternative was being sought to meet today’s exigency of quality education, what would make their kids capable and competent to survive and be fit in the globally changed socio-economic environment. The need, want demand and lastly the right of the quality education of common guardians within their reach and affordability created an air or atmosphere and there privately run schools began to bloom all over the country. Some  of the intellectuals, enthusiastic youths and several individuals of sundry social background, started to materialize the cause. They set their school activities into motion even in the rented buildings or makeshift houses. Common and low income people too are now taking their chances and getting their children enrolled in these schools to receive quality education in English medium the medium of cross culture communication.

        Following the founding  foray of private schools all over the country, Green Peace School was conceived too in 2051 Bikram Era (1994 AD). To address the aspiration of conscious guardians and parents of different walks of life in this region, it emerged  with a different school of thought and approach a careful teachers’ team took the task of taking care of your toddlers in free and fair atmosphere with the child centered approach and learning by playing-learning by doing methodology. Here kinders (child learners)are taken as the kingpin of the whole mechanism of education and therefore the emphasis is given on creating an easy, cozy, happy and homely atmosphere where they feel free and fearless and become eager, inquisitive, interested, keen and full of curiosity to learn and play in cool, clean green and peace environment where each and every kind of flowers blooms in its full bright and brilliant colors. Not only the students study here but they are studied too. Learners’, from toddlers’ to teenagers’ age aim, attitude,  aptitude, temperament, psychology, socio-cultural circumstances, friend circle and family background are the key subjects to be studied by their care takers, respective class teachers and subject teachers.

       We are imparting education in the medium of English language- the language of global communication. At the same time, we are fully aware that this will not sully the value and importance of Nepali languages, cultures and cultural heritages. Rather we profoundly pledge to perform, practice and participate in the process of protection, preservation and promotion of our languages and cultural heritages what has been given to us by our ancestors as the gift to pass on to our future generation intact, not disturbed and not tampered. Even local or regional dialects, patois and vernaculars are given great respect and brought into practice through various cultural shows and linked to lingua franca: Nepali- the national and English- the international with the exposure to other major languages of the globe like Mandarin, Latin and so on.

       Financial hardship was the major one this institution ever faced in its beginning days as its pioneer promoters though progressive in perception were of backward economic class. Running schools in rented house and managing the required paraphernalia in rent is rarely comfortable. Another major setback was armed conflict between the then government and Maoist rebels, which brought the business nearly to a complete halt. Maoist rebels termed the whole education as a bourgeois one. Furthermore the stake holders of private schools were labeled as the agents of foreigners that they ensnared and made Nepali youths subservient to the westerners. They (the stake holders) became the target of extortion, abduction, diabolical rhetoric and weaponry attack. Government policy was another hurdle as it did not accept the existence of private schools squarely. Moreover it imposed laws, bylaws, and amendments one after another constricting them and therefore making their creative pedagogic and managerial tour de force fizzle out or falter.

      Despite hundreds of hurdles and hardships, we have been giving service to the country and community unabatedly, providing quality education within the reach of every citizen. The first batch of this school appeared in the S.L.C examination for the first time in 2058 B.S (2001 A.D). Some of the S.L.C graduates of this school have now started to give service to the people as medical doctors in different hospitals of the country. Many of them are doing their best inside the country and abroad as well especially in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia and Asian countries like Japan, Korea and so on. It is well known to all that sports stars graduated from this school were able to bring the first ever international prize to the nation for the first time in the history of Nepal’s participation in the international sports or game competition in women’s cricket. In defense, bureaucratic service, banks, forestry, engineering and so many other sectors too they are performing their best.

        Started in a ragtag rented house in the beginning, this institute has now three buildings with 40 spacious rooms scientifically suited to run scholar activities within the perimeter of 14 katta 4700 square meters of land of its own. Four school buses give commuter service to the students. Library, laboratories children’s park are other distinct features of infrastructures. In music, sports, quiz and so many other extra or co curricular activities, this institute has always stood in the first row. From this year(2073/74 B.S- 2017 A.D) On wards online teaching is going to be commenced by which teachers from the native English speaking countries will teach online. This will, we think, be adding one brick more in creating a real life English speaking environment. Now there is no dearth of projectors, touch boards like audio visual devices and appliances. For regular electricity supply or to skip load shedding installation of a big plant of solar energy is in the pipeline.

      All this has become possible only because of the unrelented support, cooperation and trust of our valued guardians sending their kids to us believing our principle, policy and practice. Had not we got the financial support from Nepal bank limited, Nepal Bangladesh bank, Kohalpur cooperative, Janavishwas cooperative and so many other financial agencies and individuals we would not have come to this position. Because of the frequent technical support from the teaching experts, child psychologists and trainers, we got our teaching staffs trained through various training, seminars and workshops. Local intellectuals, educators, social activists and common individuals all gave us kind cooperation and valuable suggestions, even in the bad weathers. Because of all these all weather well wishers and supporters, we have gained our position retained.

     We hope the perennial support and cooperation from all quarters will come to us continuously in the days to come and that support and cooperation continuously will keep us moving ahead synergistically towards the excellence kindling the candle of knowledge to rekindle the whole heart of humanity, to lead them towards the peace- Greenpeace- The perfect and the real peace of mind!!

             Tamasoma  jyotirgamaya

                                                                                                 B.L. BHARATI